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The steel MAXXRACK movable storage frame offers a flexible solution for doubling your storage capacity, ideal if you have a space where you cannot or are not permitted to place fixed racks. It allows you to stack even the most difficult-to-stack goods.

Food industry
Food industry
Using galvanized steel reduces corrosion to a minimum and rubber caps are available for any sealing that may be required in the food industry.
Order picking
Order picking
Create a well-stacked, safe location for order picking, facing the open sides to the front, making them easily accessible for picking orders. Placing stacks side by side with the open sides facing to the side creates a barrier to lessen impact damage.
ADR goods
ADR goods
Not all ADR goods are suitable for stacking. MAXXRACK is designed to make sure your ADR goods can be safely stacked and have a lower risk from impact damage.
Stacking hazard
Stacking hazard
Difficult-to-stack goods often limit a storage unit in space and efficiency. Using MAXXRACK, your goods are not only protected but also stacked more efficiently. MAXXRACK can stack up to an extra 2,500 kg of goods (CE-marked) on top of other pallets.
Chemical industry
Chemical industry
The MAXXRACK can also be produced in customer-specific dimensions. Its sturdy yet flexible frame is ideal for stacking big bags, bags, cans, plastic drums and multiple products.
Your industry?
Your industry?
Each MAXXRACK has its own identification number and comes with a CE mark. Because the frame is movable, it does not have to be inspected every year. Ideal for stacking big bags, bags, tins and plastic drums. Try it!
Using your MAXXRACKS

Using your MAXXRACKS

As you have seen, there’s nothing complicated about MAXXRACKS. MAXXRACKS solve your storage problems by simple thinking.

This video clip gives you a brief summary of all the USPs and shows you how to use your MAXXRACKS. If you still have any questions, just give us a call.

8686 MAXXRack v2

Intended to also use the space above your goods.

Our customers come from different industries. Using the MAXXRACK movable storage frame enables you to use your valuable space extremely efficiently with no need for additional investment in storage space. When not in use the MAXXRACK can easily be stacked, up to 10 pieces per pallet location and even stored outside if space is tight.

Kempenaars Recycling

Kempenaars Recycling has grown into a state-of-the-art recycling company in Roosendaal. Here, paper, plastics and foils are processed into new raw materials every day using the latest techniques. For storage, Kempenaars has been using the MAXXRACK stacking frames for some time to great satisfaction.

— Kempenaars Recycling

RKW Hyplast

RKW Hyplast is located in Hoogstraten (Belgium) and since 2014 part of the RKW Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic film solutions. The company produces a wide range of polyethylene films for numerous applications in the agriculture, horticulture and construction and process industry. RKW Hyplast uses the MAXXRACK stacking frame for the storage of raw materials in big bags.

— RKW Hyplast

RAFF Plastics

RAFF Plastics has been a specialist in plastics since 1976. With 40 years of experience in compounding, extrusion and recycling, the company is today an established international value. Both as a processor and as a supplier of all kinds of recycled plastic. Constant, heavy work has prompted RAFF Plastics to start using an initial order of MAXXRACK stacking frames after a positive test, in order to increase its storage capacity of certain products by 90%.

— RAFF Plastics

Plastirec N.V.

Plastirec N.V., founded in Beerse in 1989, specializes in recycling various types of plastic. Plastirec thus offers a sustainable solution for your production waste. A profession in its own right that requires specific know-how. Plastirec is now a well-known international player in its field and is still growing rapidly. To increase the optimal utilization of its storage space, Plastirec has opted for the MAXXRACK stacking frame after a successful test period.

— Plastirec N.V.

Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters

Pelican Rouge is a complete coffee concept. Each Pelican Rouge blend is a result of creativity, craftsmanship and attention. Pelican Rouge sells its products in more than 65 countries. In addition to storage gain, the MAXXRACK stacking frame was also found to be food-safe / food-graded after a strict inspection. In the meantime, the company has already started using another order to its full satisfaction.

— Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters

Morssinkhof-Rymoplast Plastics

Morssinkhof-Rymoplast Plastics is a recycler with a leading role in the European plastics processing industry. Since 2019, this major player has used its warehouse optimally for the 3rd consecutive year with 90% extra storage. Overview and safety are decisive factors.

— Morssinkhof-Rymoplast

Vitafor Belgium

Vitafor manufactures and markets products that improve and protect the performance of animal protein production. They offer a complete range of animal feed ingredients, food products, hygiene products and disinfectants.

"We are extremely satisfied with the Maxxrack stacking frame as an added value for storage gain and safety in our warehouse."

— Vitafor Belgium

De Molenbergnatie

The Molenbergnatie, a leading and innovative global player in the coffee industry and forerunner in supply chain management of soft raw materials, has been very satisfied for several years with the Maxxrack stacking frame as an added value in storage efficiency, not to mention safety!

— De Molenbergnatie


Loodet provides worldwide storage, transfer, silage and repackaging of ADR and non-ADR classified goods, food and feed. MAXXRACKS simplify the entire logistics process of storage, transfer and transport. Loodet now has 7200 MAXXRACK stacking frames in continuous use!

— Alphons Lourier | CEO

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Try the MAXXRACK! We think that you too will see the difference!

— MAXXRACK | Support Team